March 6, 2011

WIE Weekend 2011

Note: I'm finishing this post in March 2012, so I'll keep it brief and mostly share pictures. Better than nothing, right?

My running group all headed out to Ocean City, MD, for a weekend of socializing and running.
Sometimes it's just fun to get out of the DC metro area for a few days.
They were ready for us!
We had an excellent variety of fun personalities, from Hollywood cowgirls... aristocratic ski-bums... patriotic bandidos like these two amigos.
We played games the first night, including such crowd favorites as Twister...
...and what we call 'the floor is lava'.
On Saturday morning, we all met up and hopped on the bus to get to the start of our run.
Some needed/requested additional transportation from the bus stop to start circle.
Yes, we believe in conserving energy while on vacation.
Gotta love having a fellow Jazz fan
After the main run, some of us fellas decided to run up the Ocean City boardwalk to get home, instead of waiting for the bus. We decided a picture of us shirtless (aka showing our hooters) in front of Hooters was clever. In retrospect, it wasn't so much. haha
Then it was time for lunch and the bonfire on the beach!
A few of our lady bandidos
Look what washed up on shore!
I didn't make this fire, or it'd have classic Eagle Scout log cabin shape
After resting for a bit and getting cleaned-up, we headed to dinner and then out on the town.
The dinner restaurant had this sweet winner's trophy, so we nominated ourselves for the 'awesomest running group in OC' award. Since no locals contested our self-award, we won by a landslide.
Fierce, yet lovable and cuddly, too
Leaving our mark on the ceiling at the second spot 
Our last spot of the night was Seacrets, and they had a cover band and confetti falling raining down.
Made for a lot of fun dancing and singing along until we were all tuckered out.
It was a very fun weekend, and I can't wait to see what adventures we'll have next year at WIE!

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