March 1, 2012

Hasty House Hunting on the Horizon?

My roommates and I were very surprised to come home last night to this sign in our front lawn.
Not even a word of warning from the landlord to any of us residents. Inconsiderate and just plain not cool.

We'll check the (now month-to-month) lease for a (hopefully) mandatory advance notice by the landlord prior to making us vacate, but I guess we might be in the market for new living arrangements soon...

Any suggestions?


  1. i'm a landlord. by law, i'm required to give whatever notice is stipulated in my lease agreement with my tenants. if you have a lease with an expiration date, the landlord must honor that and in most states, the new owner would then have the option to honor the remainder of your lease or give you 60 days notice after they took ownership. if you're in a month-to-month lease, the landlord usually must give you 30-60 days notice to vacate. most landlords are going to wait until they have a contract on the house so they don't have to come out of pocket to pay the mortgage while they wait for it to sell.
    in any case, hope everything works out in your favor!

  2. the new house next to ours!! jump on it asap!!

  3. Thanks, Jen. That is excellent info, so I'll check with Seth on what the lease says. Also, we're hoping the new owner wants renters, bc then we wouldn't have to move (most likely).

    Milan, do you know for sure that the house next to you wants renters? That'd be perfect if they do!