February 23, 2012

Jimmer Fredette Came to Visit DC

Remember Jimmer Fredette?

He's the BYU player who lit up the college basketball world last season with his incredible scoring ability.

Last night, Emily and I attended the BYU Alumni event to watch the Washington Wizards play against the Sacramento Kings (the team that drafted Jimmer Fredette out of college).
Jimmer didn't get a whole lot of playing time, but every time he stepped on the floor there was a big round of applause from all the BYU alumni in attendance. And he did score 8 points in his 12 mins.

Observation: there were way more babies and little kids in the stands than normal. Typical BYU!

We had a fun night out seeing some NBA action, and, since we didn't care either way and actually left before the game had officially ended (to beat the metro masses), it was fine that the Kings came from behind for the win.

Now when do the Utah Jazz come to town...?

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