February 24, 2012

Flashback Friday: Garbage Pail Kids

Today's Flashback Friday is about trading cards.

But although I had many baseball, basketball, and football trading cards, there was another set that I remember from elementary school.

A set of a less-savory nature.

Garbage Pail Kids
Do you remember these?

Maybe they were only a guy thing, as they're clearly a response to Cabbage Patch Kids for girls.

Pretty gross, and these aren't even the worst of them.

Were you into Garbage Pail Kids? Any other trading cards you collected?

PS: I'll admit I also had a lot of Magic: The Gathering cards, but at least those were for a game, so maybe that makes them slightly better. No? It doesn't? Darn. Was worth a try. #nerdforlife


  1. definitely not just for boys. we had these. i vividly remember one card where the girl had tons of safety pins in her arms, legs, face, etc. can't remember the name though!

    these seem so tame compared to stuff now days. (and that sentence makes me sound really old).

  2. Your comment is another example of why/how you're so awesome, Jen.