December 15, 2011

I Love Tattoos, Just Not on Me

Have you ever thought of getting a tattoo? Do you already have one?
While I don't have one, I've thought about getting one on multiple occasions.
No, I wouldn't get a tribal armband, or a Fred Flintstone, or anything like that (though I don't begrudge those who do get such symbols/characters, as long as it has some personal meaning).
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Great detail and I imagine it has a deep, personal background story
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I actually think this is really cool idea (after you're married, of course)
Many of my feelings for tattoos are similar to this person's, actually.
Pain is a deterrent, but I have a pretty good tolerance. Plus, it'd be temporary.
As cool as a tattoo would be, I don't know that I'm passionate enough about something to get one.
And maybe I'm already too old to start getting tattoos.

For years, there have been two tattoos that I've actually considered beyond the "that looks rad" stage.
I'd only get one, and the selected tattoo would have been located either on the upper arm or on my calf. Not sure how I'd decide the spot, but, in my mind and for me, those would be the only acceptable places.
  1. Superman symbol: He stands for so many good things and is definitely my favorite superhero. Sadly, I don't think it'd be personal enough. Plus, I already have a Superman ring that my mom sent me for Easter during my mission. So if I want to rock his style, I can wear that.
  2. Ironman logo: This would have more meaning for me. When I was 19, I set a goal to complete a full Ironman event before I was 30. It was tough, but I trained for and completed the St George Ironman in May 2010. So why didn't I get the tattoo? I don't know; I guess I just felt like so many people had this one, and I don't want triathlon and/or the Ironman to define me my whole life.
Potential tattoo #1
Potential tattoo #2
Pretty much, you don't need to worry, Mom. I don't plan on ever getting a tattoo.
And I know that line just allowed you to stop holding your breath and let out a big sigh of relief.

For those of you who are considering getting one (or another, as the case may be), or those who may just be curious in learning more about tattoos in general, here is a helpful graphic.

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But I still think they look pretty awesome sometimes.


  1. I've thought about getting a tattoo on and off over the years...but reading the graphic reaffirmed to me why I probably won't ever get one either...

  2. I love tattoos - I think they are so beautiful and artistic and I love that so many people here have the full or half sleeves. BUT, i would probably never get one. the only thing I have considered getting is a small peacock feather but even then, I would have no idea where to put it because I wouldn't want it to be seen. And if i'm not willing to show it off, why get one?

  3. some people's tattoos are beyond stupid!!