December 16, 2011

Amazing Fake Punt

How did I miss this old NFL highlight? It's from 2009, but I just saw it today.

Blew. My. Mind.

Have a look.

Isn't that amazing?
So many great things about it.

Here are a few that come to mind:
  1. The punter gets a moment of glory and even scores a touchdown. Generally, punters only get noticed for muffing kicks and getting blocked. Or for botching fake punt attempts due to clumsiness.
  2. Those uniforms. Classic. Wish they'd go back to them.
  3. Inventive and daring. Who comes up with this?!? A guy going in motion, then sweeping around the back? If that defender hits the punter, this could easily be a touchdown the other way. Makes it even more impressive due to the risk.
  4. Ball-handling skills. Not until the close-up view at the 2:00 mark could I even tell what the punter did with the ball. Great job of putting it behind his back at the last second and not dropping it.
Ah, how I love trick plays in football.
And even more when they actually work.

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