November 15, 2011

Movember Mustache/Beard Guidance

We're half way through Movember, and I'm betting you've got some mildly decent (like me) or wildly impressive (probably most of you) facial hair growth by now.

If you haven't already, it may be time to consider some grooming, in lieu of shaggy all-over growth.

Here are a few graphics to keep in mind as you choose your style, especially if you still want to be date-able and/or not scare mothers and small children while walking around the neighborhood.
Does clicking on this make it bigger? If so, it's worth reading the descriptions.
Is it cause for concern that I currently have the 'goatee + mustache', but I think it's more fun to have 'the horseshoe aka the Hogan'? You should talk me out of shaving my chin.
My dad has pretty much always been in the range of Tom Selleck to Burt Reynolds.
Great choice, dad. A classic 'stache.


  1. Once again, I see we've posted on the same topic. I added your trustworthiness guide to the blog I write for school about No Shave November. Hopefully you don't mind! You can see it here:

  2. Highly appreciate the illustrations :) Although I think the Lincoln chinstrap and the handlebar stache should trade places. Chinstraps are always sketchy!!