November 15, 2011

Happy America Recycles Day!

Did you know that since 1997, there has been an America Recycles Day each November 15th?
America Recycles Day
I didn't until recently, so this year I joined in. At work, they're accepting donations of old denim jeans, which can be used as insulation. I took in a couple pairs, and I'm glad I could contribute.

My family has been recycling formally (sorting the trash, dropping off at the grocery store bins, etc.) and informally (re-washing bags, some hand-me-down clothes, reusing Halloween costumes, etc.) for years.

Also, I recycled in my last apartment and my new house has multiple recycling bins for us to sort into. We've only got one Earth, so I'm happy to do my part to preserve it as much as I can.

Do you recycle? Is recycling available in your area, whether through regular city pickup or drop-off spots?

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  1. Well, I definitely grew up reusing ziplock bags! I used to be embarrassed about that, but now that I'm in college..they can DEFINITELY be reused! We don't have the garbage service, but there are the bins at Walmart to recycle grocery bags. I love dropping off all our extra bags ... when I remember. :)