October 28, 2011

The Most Amazing Shoes You've Ever Seen [Gun Hoofs]

Not since the Air Jordan 1's have I seen amazing shoes like the ones I saw today. Full credit goes to my friend Sarah B for bringing these to my attention [her tumblr is fantastic].

Do you ever need to climb a mountainside and then shoot a wild animal?
Then these are the shoes for you (and for Bear Grylls, too)!
They are called Gun Hoofs, and they're made by Iris Schieferstein. Amazing, aren't they?

Not satisfied with a goat hoof and golden pistols? Try on some snake heels with black pistols.
I really hope Sarah B gets a pair, because I'd love to see them in real life.


  1. those hooves freak me out. I just can't picture them on sexy model legs without also picturing said model being half goat. *shudder*

    the snake shoes on the other hand...well those just kick butt. i would constantly want to do high kicks so people would notice my awesome shoes.

  2. I SO want gun-heeled shoes now. These would fly off the shelves in Texas.