October 30, 2011

Halloween Weekend

Halloween math: 3 parties, 2 costumes, 1 great weekend.

"Samhain" Running Group Party
My friend Anand hosted this shindig. Lots of fun costumes of all different types and genres. While there were a ton of great ones, here are some of my favorites.
Flo from Progressive & Eagle Scout
Calvin & Hobbes
All great, but especially loving the Nyan Cat & Barney Stinson on the far right
Celebrity Island Party
We all know Elvis and Tupac aren't dead. They and all their celebrity friends just leave public life to spend the remainder of their days on Celebrity Island. Check out how good they all look:
Bonnie & Clyde
Amber as Amelia Earhart
Allstate Mayhem Jogger
Such a great Lucille Ball impersonation
Crikey! It's the Crocodile Hunter!
Audrey's Birthday
This one wasn't a costume party. In fact, I went straight there from the Celebrity Island party, and I was the only person in costume. No worries. Sharing props and using camera effects gets everybody in on the act.
With the birthday girl
Kind of a gumshoe look, eh?
Showing Audrey some roomie love
These roomies are a hoot
 And that's why I love Halloween. 'Nuff said.

PS: I first shared the zombie love video for Valentines Day this year, but it seems appropriate for Halloween, too. My favorite lyrics? "I wanna steal your heart... and eat your brains." haha

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