May 9, 2011

Mother, There is No Other

While Mr T's tribute is heart-warming, humorous,
and instructional on how mothers deserve to be treated,

I think I associate more with this video from Sesame Street.

I'm grateful to and for my mom for many, many reasons.
For example:

For baking cookies and casseroles, meatloaf and monkey-bread.
For hugging and kissing better our skinned knees and bumped heads.
For showing she cared through timely and difficult guidance,
And encouraging us after heartbreaks to give love another chance.
For spending time cleaning the house, so we didn't live squalor.
For taking us to sports practice, so we could be ballers.
For sitting by our bed and reading to us each night,
Then showing us how to pray before tucking us in tight.
For being home to welcome us after we'd had a long day.
For allowing us to be children and run and laugh and play,
Developing into the perfectly abnormal happy people we are today.*
So to my dear, sweet, darling mother, I say, Happy Mother's Day!

*Note: I could keep going, and I might in the future, but my brain is tired now and I want to get this post out as soon as possible.

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