January 9, 2011

I See London, I See France...

Have you heard of the group Improv Everywhere?
They specialize in making videos where they create funny situations and catch people's reactions on film.

Their first big viral video was Frozen Grand Central. Hilarious and really got them on the map.

Another big success was the NYC no-pants subway ride, which they've done for over a decade.
Lucky for us, this annual NYC tradition has since spread to other cities, including DC.

That's why a few friends and I headed into the city this morning, intent on making unsuspecting metro-riders laugh at our silliness as they took a gander at our unprotected gams.
We had to bundle up before, as it was quite chilly
After a quick meeting, we split up into smaller groups, hopped on the metro, and removed our pants.

Looks like the time is no-pants-thirty

We rode the blue and yellow lines like this for a few hours, then met back up with everyone to "debrief".
Get it?!? Debrief? Ah, I love puns.

If you want to watch the Capitol Improv video of the shenanigans, here it is:
Very fun day, and always nice to make people smile on the metro. Want to join us next year?

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