December 18, 2010

Korean Karaoke

Koreans know their karaoke. Not to knock karaoke at a bar, or at a house party, but those just aren't the same as having your own private room to rock out and sing at the top of your lungs.

Since Justin and Emily were going to be leaving the DC area soon, we decided to all go eat Korean food and then sing our guts out. What followed was a fantastic evening of entertainment.
Fully satisfied from our delicious family-style meal, we were ready to head to our private karaoke room. Just FYI, there are several places like this in Annandale, VA, and I highly recommend trying it.
Julie and Fabian got the party started, and Julie had a field day with that tambourine.
Dan and Su are our cool, married friends that know all the semi-hidden fun stuff around Virginia. Thanks for sharing this gem of an activity!
I have a feeling this was probably something like Lion King or Bon Jovi or Journey or something.
And sometimes dudes just need to do a duet. They rocked Creed or the like. Knew all the words without looking, too.

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