July 11, 2010

Summer Concert #4: Tim McGraw

For the Tim McGraw concert, we had some new additions to our group. Jackie's cousin Rich brought his friends Annie, Brenan, and Lauren.
Our tailgate was fun, and we got there earlier, so we had a pretty sweet spot closer to the entrance.

Once inside, we continued making friends, and here is a group of (potentially underage) ladies that took a liking to our fellas. I think Wes even saw the girl in yellow once after the concert, or maybe more, so that's a win, eh?
Jess and her boyfriend Bryce made it, so they livened things up a little bit more, too. That little Jess is just a ball of fun waiting to be let loose on the unsuspecting masses, and being around Wes and Dan is a good way to make that happen.
Aw, don't Lauren and Rich make a cute couple? I sure think so.
Gotta love a good Rhode Island romance.
And then there's Jackie and me. Just doin' our thing and enjoying a good show.
It was another successful concert, and Tim McGraw put on a great show for us all!

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