July 6, 2010

4th of July Weekend

Birthday: Jackie's cousin Rich had his birthday party in DC, and we had a good time chilling on the rooftop and then dancing down in the basement. It's easy to see why so many friends came; Rich is a great guy and very friendly. Happy birthday, buddy!
Flowers: I got Jackie some red and white flowers, just for fun. Isn't she just the cutest?
BBQ: Some of Rich's friends live in Eastern Market and hosted a shindig with pong and cornhole, and of course plenty of delicious food. Cool item of the night: cornhole set was equipped with lights, which was genius, especially considering how we were playing in a tiny and poorly-lit alleyway.
Fireworks: The BBQ was right down the street from the US Capitol, so we were able to run down and see the fireworks when it was time (though we left a little later than planned and ended up seeing most of the show while running). After the show was over, we took some time to get pictures with our famous backdrop.
Hiking: The Great Falls area is only 45 minutes outside of DC, and Jackie, Justin and I ventured up there and checked out the dividing line between Maryland and Virginia. After seeing things from the trail, we decided to do some bouldering along the river. We didn't get eaten by a bear or bitten by a snake, and we had one minor ankle sprain, so we can declare our outdoor adventure was a success.

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