March 15, 2010

Playin' 3rd/5th Wheel Host

Living in the Washington DC area has many benefits. One of those benefits is that people like to come visit me and see the most powerful city in the world, along with its monuments, memorials, and social gathering places. Recently I was fortunate to have more visits from people that I like very much.

Pete & Jordyn
As Jordyn came out from Utah to visit Pete in Philly, they decided to make a little side trip down here to visit me and see the nation's capital. We got to see a lot of the major sights, including some that I don't often frequent:

National Archives
The Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights are on display here

National Museum of Natural History
All kinds of animals and jewels and such
Note: I've decided that the porcupine is definitely the Lady Gaga of the animal world
Jordyn and I are big fans of the dino skeletons.
How am I doing on brushing my back teeth?
Pete knows, unlike Sarge and Simmons, what a puma is.

Washington Monument
aka: The DC point-of-reference since there aren't mountains

World War II Memorial
One of the newer ones, on prime real estate between Washington and Lincoln.

Lincoln Memorial
Aren't these two just the cutest?

Not a monument or memorial
We saw the sign and just couldn't resist getting a quick picture.
Oh those wacky Smyths!
Carly & Ty
The New Yorkers came down since Carly is in rehearsals for a dance production. We didn't all get to hang out very much, but we did meet up at Busboys and Poets for dinner, and it was quite the fun evening of conversation and silliness.

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