March 9, 2010

I Like Public Health Conferences

Why do I like public health conferences? That's a fair question to ask. Especially since I know very little of the nitty gritty of that industry. Well, the answer is that the most recent one in DC (that I'm aware of) brought a friend of mine into town and we were able to hang out a lot while she was here.

I met up with Brea in Baltimore, and we went out to dinner with our friends Aaron and Camille. [Note: As a reminder, they just got married over Christmas, and Brea and I had a very fun date that night after the reception.] We all had fun talking and catching up and discussing everything under the sun.After work on Friday, I met up with Brea downtown to check out the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit at the National Geographic Museum. I'm not a huge museum fan, but I do like learning about cultures and see how civilizations develop. I especially like seeing their inventions and how their innovations have affected the modern world.It's kind of an unwritten and unspoken rule that when people come from out of town, you should take them to Eastern Market on Saturday morning. While it doesn't always hold, this time we followed the rules. After going for a short run and then getting ready for the day, we met up with some friends at Eastern Market for delicious food in that great atmosphere.

Plus, we had a celebrity sighting. Senator Dodd was there with (what I think was) his grand daughter, and I thought it was cool to see him in a non-Senator role. To her, he isn't some powerful politician. He's just grandpa.On Sunday night, Stanley, Brea, Alisha and I made dinner together, and it was very tasty. I think cooking as a group is really fun because it's an activity that you get to enjoy what you've been working on. Yummy friendship-building.

Monday was the last time I got to see Brea during this trip, and we met up in Crystal City for some Mexican food with our friends Chris, Elizabeth, and Liz. Chris and Elizabeth also recently got married, so it was fun to catch up with them and hear about their plans for the near future.So I don't have very many pictures to commemorate his visit, but Stanley was also here for a couple days during the weekend, and we had some good times while he was here. But that's nothing new. We're brothers from separate mothers, so we just click and it's like we still live across the street from each other. Even though the last time we lived across the street from each other was before elementary school.

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