September 5, 2009

Hey Man, That's the Good Stuff

I'm a country boy. I'll admit it. And one of my current favorite country songs is Kenny Chesney's"The Good Stuff". It's a tender song and I love how it reminds us that the most important things are the memories we make with that special someone who makes our heart skip a beat.

Well, that a long introduction to the place we went for shakes tonight. It's in Washington DC (3 blocks from the Capitol on Pennsylvania Ave) and it's called Good Stuff Eatery. They have a simple menu, a modern decor, and a charismatic owner/operator named Spike who was a contestant on Top Chef a while back.We got an order of Village Fries (covered in rosemary, thyme, and sea salt), a toasted marshmallow shake, and a Milky Way malt. Three items, one word: delish. If you're in DC and need a shake, we highly recommend this place. Plus, I've had the burgers there before, and they're quite tasty. I'm pretty sure we'll take my sister Megan there when she comes into town, just so she can enjoy the good stuff at Good Stuff.

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