August 29, 2009

Listen to This!

So the blogpost title today comes from the movie "Back to the Future". If I watched the movie enough times to remember the details, this is how it went: As Marty McFly is rocking his version of Johnny B. Goode, injured bandmate Marvin Berry calls his cousin Chuck (yes, insinuating that Chuck Berry is a plagiarist) and tells him to "Listen to this!"

Anyway, today I am following Marvin's lead and telling you to listen to this. If you don't know who Ray LaMontagne is yet, it's time to get acquainted. I was introduced to Ray's stuff by my friend Stanley as we drove to Yosemite National Park a few summers ago. Little did I know that Ray's music would be the last music I heard prior to our infamous Yosemite death march . But that's a story for another time... (see Part 1 and Part 2).

While I couldn't post the video here for easy viewing, here is a link to a prime example of Ray's skills and why you should get to know him:

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