June 22, 2009

Weekend with Shonni

Friday night: Shonni invited me to her apartment in Waldorf, and we had a delicious dinner. Then we went to see the movie "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" at an outdoor showing that her neighborhood was putting on, but we missed it because we took too long having dinner. Instead, we put out a blanket by the neighborhood lake and enjoyed our movie treats. It was an excellent evening.
Saturday night: We made dinner again at Shonni's after she got off work, and then we watched a great movie, "Facing the Giants". If you haven't seen it, I'd highly recommend it. Inspirational and wholesome, and pretty good production quality to boot.Sunday: After church, Shonni and I had lunch at my apartment. Since we were both tuckered out, we went to the park near Joyce St & Oakcrest Rd to try and take a nap, but mosquitos kept chomping us and some kids started practicing golf, so we left. Later we went to the Why I Believe fireside at the DC Temple Visitors Center. Senator Orrin Hatch, his wife, and a couple of new converts spoke, and they all did a great job. As a bonus, we were able to get a picture with Senator Hatch afterwards.

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