June 24, 2009

Biking in Fabulous Waldorf

One thing that attracted me to Shonni was/is her sporty attitude and athleticism. It just so happens that she is a gifted cyclist and has even competed in some events over the years (primarily in mountain biking, but I won't embarrass her by detailing her victories and championship exploits here). We decided to go for a bike ride after work. I drove down to Waldorf and we met up at Shonni's place. After taking Bax for his walk, we headed out for a quick ~15-miler. I'm not sure on the exact distance, but we rode at a decent clip for about 45 minutes, so that's my guesstimate (I love that word, by the way).We're definitely looking forward to many more cycling and sporting dates in the future, as this one was a smashing success.

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