May 4, 2009

Welcome to the World, Summer & Zoe

Sunday afternoon, at about 5 pm MST, my sister-in-law Lindsey gave birth to the twin girls. Their names are Summer and Zoe (I'm curious if it might be Zoey, but have no indisputable proof either way, just an unfounded hunch), and they are a bit premature so they're pretty small. Guess they were just super-excited to get down here and say hi to us!

Adam called me in the evening to let me know, and I was happy to talk with him briefly about it all. I'm so very excited for all of them and that Gunner now has two little sisters to protect and love. My sister had more of the details, and you can read about them at her babies birth blogpost.

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  1. Congratulations, again. New babies are so exciting.