May 9, 2009

We Loves Us Some Good Sportsmanship at Camden Yard

Birthdays = good
Baseball = better
A birthday baseball game in Baltimore = best
For Dan's birthday, a group of us went up to Camden Yard in Baltimore to see the Orioles take on the New York Yankees. Whether you love or hate the Yankees, or as some refer to them, the Evil Empire, you've got to admit they're fun to watch.
There was a little extra excitement in the air, as this was Alex Rodriguez' first game back from his steriod suspension. As we were just passing the stadium and heading to the parking garage, we heard a cheer. Upon parking and reaching the stadium in the 2nd inning, we found out that the cheer was ARoid hitting a 3-run homer in his first at-bat in the first inning. Stupid traffic made us miss it!The game was fairly tame, with hits and nice catches here and there, but mostly it was a pitcher's duel. Not awesome sword-fight dueling, mind you, as in this clip, but a duel of which pitcher could outthink the batters he faced and hit his spots, so like this but with pitches instead of poison. Note: I enjoy both types of duels almost equally.
As there were many people voicing their opinions and some using words that should not by typed or spoken, we decided to make a sign that would/should appeal to everyone (see above). In the end, it was pretty even (after the ARoid homer), so the Yankees won (which Dan was tickled pink about). After enjoying historic Camden Yard, we walked along the harbour and had a late dinner at ESPN Zone before heading back to DC. Such a fun night!

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