May 27, 2009

Duck Beach Days 4-6: Weekdays

-Templeton (from Charlotte's Web)

Duck Beach is a very different place after the weekend. The crowds thin out as people have to get back to work. Houses are consolidated (along with their food supplies). Parties are smaller. New friends are made and deeper conversations had, as there aren't so many people around.
While we still played some volleyball and bocce and played in the ocean a little, our activities shifted a little from the weekend. We did more of these...chilling by the pool and ingesting carbonated beverages,
celebrating birthdays (above: Charity and R. Scott),
and even played some Family Feud (girls vs. guys, of course). Side note: I think we can all agree that Brent was the best non-professional host that we've ever seen. If John O'Hurley decides to leave the show, then Brent could be an immediate fill-in.

Leaving Duck Beach was a bittersweet occasion. It's a fun place and you meet so many great people and make great memories, but eventually you just want to get really, truly clean and sleep in your own comfy bed. Thanks for an excellent Memorial Day beach vacation, everybody!

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