May 25, 2009

Duck Beach Day 3: A Little Bit Crispy

I wish I could spend every Monday on a sunny beach in North Carolina. It's the perfect way to start the week.

I messaged Shonni about going for a run but received no response. So I sent one more saying that I'd keep an eye out for her on the beach later, and I went for my run. Blazing hot on the roads, but much easier on legs than beach running, so I picked my poison and enjoyed it :) Back at the beachhouse, checked my phone and Shonni had replied. She apparently barely missed my text since she was walking Baxter (her Chihuahua). Good to know that I wasn't stood up haha. So we agreed to meet up and play a little on the beach later.Once again, games ruled the beach. Bocce, volleyball, skimboarding, soccer, football, whiffleball, etc, dominated. And some of my friends decided that it was an opportunity to demonstrate their dancing, jumping, and dancing/jumping skills. For example:
Some of our friends decided to bury Dustin in the sand. Here is a picture before they shaped him into a mermaid. Or was it merman? Merman! MERMAN!Plus additional reunions with friends from the past, such as this trio from Condo Row at BYU.Now I'm not an accomplished, graceful or, umm, talented dancer. I took the introductory social dance class in college and I paid attention. Obscene amounts of practice with patient dance partners helped me feel good about my abilities by the end of the semester and pass the class, to boot. But every so often, I get the urge to try something new and stretch those dance skills, and Ade helped me by allowing me to practice a little ballet (beach-style). Maybe I'll have to look into some grown-up ballet classes. I wonder how much a cod-piece costs... hahahaAfter a full day on the beach with a little too much sun, we gathered at our beachhouse and had all the New York houses come over for a farewell BBQ. Seeing how many people I'd met in the last couple days was an interesting revelation and made me feel good about reaching out and meeting new people. Pretty much I feel like I'll never have to pay for hotel stay in New York.The post-party evening included more socializing, some swimming and hot-tubbing (I'd be happy to join you for a little whirl-pool technique anytime), and a couple batches of pizookie. Good times for all.

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