February 17, 2009

"Wild & Wonderful" Weekend in WVa

When you need to get out of the DC area, there are many options here on the East coast. New York, Amish Country, Philadelphia, Annapolis, Hershey, Colonial Williamsburg, and a plethora of beaches are within just a few hours. But there's one gem that gets forgotten. Yes, that gem is West Virginia.A group of 16 of us rented a cabin in West Virginia for the weekend and escaped civilization (for the most part). We had no internet, TV, or even cell phone service. Instead, we enjoyed lots of fresh air, sunshine, and nature.

We spent our time going on hikes, hot-tubbing,
playing horseshoes,
dining on scrumptious vittles,
reading poetry,

and speed-scrabbling.
It was a great weekend and just what we all needed. Thanks, Amber, for arranging everything and making it such a fun time!

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