February 12, 2009

Unkey Aaron x 3

Question: What's better than being an uncle to this cute little guy?
Answer: Being an uncle to that cute little guy and two more cute little girls!
Yes, I have been informed that my sister-in-law is preggers with twin baby girls, and she's due sometime in June/July. I'm so excited and I'll keep you updated!
Note: This ultrasound is not of my actual nieces. It is from the internet :)


  1. It's true, I adore being an Aunt to some fantastic, fun, and of course ADORABLE children. There's no doubt you'll LOVE being an Uncle even more when there's more little ones to cherish come June/July. Maybe the new Smyth twins can have a play date with "my" twins and newborn while we're in Utah this summer...? I'm definitely looking forward to the updates.

    BEST WISHES to the sister-in-law! Stay strong sista, the end is almost near... give or take a few months :-)

  2. Nice blog. I have a question to ask in a personal email not here on the blog. Is there an email address to reach you? Thanks!

    1. Hi Kevin. Glad you're enjoying my blog. Feel free to send me an email through my profile page, and I'll be happy to respond.