April 2, 2008

National Treasure Tour at Mt. Vernon

On Sunday afternoon, I was invited to join my roommates Pat and Jason and my friend Melissa to go on a special tour at Mt. Vernon. We headed down there after church and got there just in time.
Our extra-animated tourguide (Cheryl, who I would describe as a Southern-belle-slash-kindergarten-teacher on speed) showed us some of the places used by Disney in its filming of National Treasure 2, and she also gave us some little tidbits of information about the grounds and movie from the Mt. Vernon workers' point-of-view.

We had access to unauthorized areas, such as the basement, ice cellar, firetruck storage shed, and more of the waterfront, which was pretty cool. It also gave us some different views of Mt. Vernon than most people get. I'm really glad we were able to go, as I am trying to see more of the historical sites in the area, instead of just the monuments over and over.

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