April 20, 2008

4 Senators, 2 Apostles, and 1 Chinese Ambassador

I went to the BYU Management Gala Dinner, and it was worth every penny. We were there with the A-list of DC area Mormons, along with other dignitaries. The Gala was held at the Georgetown Marriott. Before the meal, there were breakout rooms where we could meet and greet with other alums from our school, which was a good experience.After the breakouts, we had the dinner and some speeches about how great BYU is and how we should contribute to the school as much as we're able. In the dinner, four Senators, two Apostles, and a Chinese Ambassodor were present. It was pretty cool to think about all the worldly and spiritual power in the room, even if I didn't get to personally meet any of them.

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