March 3, 2008

I Love the 80's Party

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There is a reason that 80's parties persist and you don't often hear of 70's or 90's parties: because the 80's were the coolest decade since sliced bread. There were so many groundbreaking fads and immediately recognizable icons, and we who grew up in that time are extremely happy to flash back to that period.

The most rockin' roommates around

Saved by the Bell reunion - Kelly, Zack, Lisa, and AC

Jem is excitement, and those Misfits will never get her
A group of my friends decided that it was time for an 80's party, and boy did they ever throw a good one! The decorations, the music, even the very house in which it was held, were all totally 80's. Costumes ranged from glam rock to preppy, and a whole bunch of movies and TV shows as well.

At Silver Diner after the party - yeah we got lots of funny looks

See all the pics from the 80's party


  1. Au contraire! I in fact went to a '90s themed party but one week ago. It was pretty maxed out with grunge kids and Dee-Lite and what have you. Your party looks good, too, though. Let us say that both decades are of equal worth.

  2. yay! a new blog to read!

    hope you dont mind that i will be peering into your life now!