February 15, 2008

Takin' It to the Streets for Valentines

Valentines is a let-down day. Or at least that's what the radio told me recently. If you're single, you're sad because you aren't in a relationship on this day dedicated to romance. If you're in a relationship, you expect a super-romantic day and often that isn't delivered. The jockey gave the solution to the dilemma: lower expectations.
This is a good rule of thumb in many situations, but especially for Valentines. Since I was single this year and not looking to be in a relationship, I could go one better to enjoy my day: I had no expectations.
So when some girls in the ward decided to go see the movie Step Up 2 the Streets and invited me to join them, I thought, "Why not? I have nothing better to do and it'll be fun to spend time with my friends." They informed me that the girl-to-guy ratio would be quite high, so I didn't expect many guys to be there.
Upon arrival, they updated the figures. It would be 18:1. Well, Homer Simpson once said, "I like those odds." Our group took almost a row and a half, and we had a good time watching the movie. The movie had lots of what you'd expect. Bad acting, weak dialogue, a tender romance, and lots of good street dancing. But what's the key to enjoying a movie like that? Low expectations. And I guess it doesn't hurt to go with 18 girls, either.

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