August 7, 2007


My friend Nick Bond has issues with soccer (especially penalty kicks). My brother Adam knocks soccer because 2-1 is a high score and 3-3 is almost unheard of. However, if I didn't do things just because other people don't love them, my legs wouldn't be smooth-shaven and I wouldn't be in the process of making a t-shirt quilt (but that's a blog for another day).

So I went to the Real Salt Lake vs. Houston MLS game on Saturday night, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the game from our seats 20 rows up at about the midfield line.

Phillip, Pete, Aaron

Scruffy-faced brothers

The game was fairly average for most of the way. Some good opportunities missed by both sides, some great saves, and a few too many sloppy passes leading to turnovers. I'm still amazed at their athleticism and generally good ball control, though. I was also extremely impressed by the Brazilian band's ability to play consistently sweet beats for the duration of the game, without whom the game would be significantly audio-deficient.

To our good fortune, RSL's Robbie Findley found the back of the net in the 85th minute and we all cheered as they held on for only their 3rd league win this season (but they also have beaten the Chinese National team and Everton FC, a storied English squad).

Hopefully I can get to another one or two games before I move to DC, at which point I'll have to go to some DC United games and maybe the MLS Cup in November.

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