August 6, 2007

Dr. Marvin! I'm sailing!

Ah, the beauties of boating on a Saturday morning in the summertime! Dad, Pete, Adam, Linds, Gunner, and I went up to Jordanelle Reservoir at the crack of 9 AM for a little wakeboarding last Saturday. There were a fair amount of other boats on the water, but we went back in the south-east corner and found some relatively smooth water.

It wasn't too hot, and the sun didn't seem too strong, so Pete and I didn't put on sunblock. Only later in the day would we realize that was a foolish mistake and that mom is always right about putting on sunblock.
Well, Linds took the sun-bathing route today and avoided even getting her toes wet, I believe. Pete tore it up as usual, Adam was consistent and jumped the wake several times, and I even had a decent day--if I pull my legs up, I can create the illusion of actually getting some air :)

But the most impressive to me was my Dad getting up. As far as I know, it was his first time, and he was pretty wobbly, but he went for it and got up twice. Old dogs can learn new tricks. Way to go Dad!

Gunner loved the wind, waves, and sunshine, as little boys generally do. Adam was able to coax him into getting into the water with him (of course Gunner had on his little life jacket), and it was fun to watch the little guy clinging to my brother as if he wouldn't stand a chance without him. So cute!

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