May 4, 2016

Happy Rey/Padmé/IG-88/Logray Day

If you recognized those 4 names*, then you probably already know what day today is.

It's May the 4th! aka Star Wars Day!

Here are a couple day-appropriate memes I found:

Classic Simpsons episode.

Deep thought, although I don't understand why a raptor is saying this...
Hopefully you're doing something fun to celebrate, maybe having a party with a Jar Jar Binks piñata and cutting cake with a lightsaber. At the least, have a moment of silence for Han Solo (RIP).
*Here are linkable explanations of the 4 names, for those of you who didn't recognize them:
Rey = Jakku scavenger, joined the Resistance in The Force Awakens (Episode 7)
Padmé = Naboo politician, married Anakin Skywalker, mother of Luke & Leia Skywalker
IG-88 = bounty hunter robot, tasked by Darth Vader to find the Millenium Falcon
Logray = chief shaman in the Ewok tribe, helped fight in the Battle of Endor

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