April 11, 2016

Blind Cafe: An Eye-Opening Experience

A few weekends ago, we had a new and enlightening experience.

Dinner at the Blind Cafe, a traveling event, wherein you eat a meal completely in the dark.

It was an illuminating evening, and our discussion of the event afterwards was great.

We talked about how we learned to create a mental map of our surroundings, especially where our food items were. We enjoyed having a greater degree of anonymity in the room, and how visual cues didn't obligate one to answer questions (particularly when the other people at the table can't remember your name, in order to address you directly) or participate at all, if you didn't want to.

To check for upcoming event dates near you, check the pop-up locations on their webpage and consider signing up for the mailing list. If you've got an open mind, you'll love having dinner at the Blind Cafe.


  1. Having a dinner at blindcafe is a great way to have a better understanding of visually impaired or blind people's lifes. As technology advances, companies are paying attention to the visually impaired community as well. An Israeli startup develops revolutionary assistive technology products for the blind. Simply, it's a tiny camera attachment that can tell what's in front of it to its wearer discreetly. It reads text, identify money notes, recognize faces. This wearable artificial vision device is helping people with visual disability to achieve increased independence.

    1. That's very cool technology. Thanks for sharing!