March 15, 2016

The Ides of March: A Day for Communal Stabbing

Ah, the Ides of March.

The day we commemorate the coordinated assassination of an ancient empire's ruler.

At least we can get a few giggles from his mortal group-stabbing almost 2,000 years ago, such as these courtesy of SomeECards.

A political one, since today also happens to be a Super Tuesday.

If you've never seen the Shakespeare play of "Julius Caesar", do yourself a favor and find a local production. It's about much more than just Caesar's murder.

But if you just want to watch a little theatrical stabbing, here's the scene from my friend's (all-female cast) production of the play:

One last piece of advice today: watch your back!

***Note: this is a joke post. Please do not go out and stab anyone, today or any day.

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