February 29, 2016

Make Donald Drumpf Again!

The Republican presidential race is getting scary.

For a while, I was amused to see "the Donald" leading polls and winning state primaries.

Now I'm frightened to imagine a world where he actually has a shot at being POTUS.

Last night John Oliver, host of Last Week Tonight on HBO, shared some facts about the presidential hopeful, illuminating his record and verifying the claims made by "the Donald" and his supporters.

I could list Mr. Oliver's points, but it's probably better/easier to just share the video. Yes, the segment is a bit lengthy, but it's worth the watch. If these 20 minutes can educate even one honest voter (and I think it could help many), then America will be better off for it.

As a bonus, Mr. Oliver shared a tidbit about the previous last name of "the Donald". His family's previous last name was Drumpf.

Mr. Oliver also started a hashtag (#MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain) and shared a webpage (http://www.donaldjdrumpf.com/) to get a Chrome extension which will correct the word "T-rump" (without the -) in your Google Chrome browser to be "Drumpf".

For sure, my news day has been much more interesting and entertaining since I installed the Drumpfinator Chrome Extension. Here's what it looks like when I Google "Donald T-rump" (again, without the -):

The rest of this presidential race will be easier to observe, now that this candidate's name will show correctly in my internet browser. Thanks, John Oliver!

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