December 5, 2013

This Year's Pie Night and Thanksgiving

Another amazing week of Pie Night and Thanksgiving festivities. And too much to write, so I'll sum it up mainly with pictures.

For another great recap of these lovely holiday events, see my sister's blogpost about them.

Pie Night Prep

You can't have a good Pie Night if you don't prepare properly.
So we made a few pies (a chocolate pecan and a cranberry-ginger pear).
Doesn't this chocolate pecan look amazing?!

Pie Night

I think our chocolate pecan and cranberry-ginger pear made their first flavor appearances at this year's Pie Night.
Both did well (meaning they got eaten quickly), but the chocolate pecan was the first gone, and I'm not surprised, because it was absolutely delicious.
Smyth boys (minus dad)
We even had gluten-free pie (thanks, Danny!)
The first round of options
The night "Cup o' Pie" was invented

With our pie lust satisfied (as much as is reasonably possible) the previous night, we were ready for turkey and all the rest of the Thanksgiving goods. And I definitely had plenty, though my favorite part was and is and likely always will be the spending time with family, immediate as well as extended.
Siblings gotta snuggle a lil bit, right?
These gals have style

After this point, all I could think of was eating and socializing, so the camera got put away.

Thanks for a great holiday, family and friends. Hope yours was just as wonderful!

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