June 23, 2013

Post-Powell BBQ

No, I wasn't able to go to Lake Powell with my awesome friends when they went a few weeks ago.
I got the invite too late and couldn't make it work with my schedule.

But they did invite me to their post-Powell BBQ to use up the leftover food, and I was happy to see so many friends in one place while also eating delicious food.
Becca, the baked goods expert
Those aren't hamburgers; they're steakburgers.
At one point, I noticed a lot of friends were wearing striped clothing, so I snapped a pic.

That made some solid-color people a little jealous, so I got one of them, too.

Without meaning to, I guess I sort of created a Seussical Sneeches situation.
Thankfully no one took it to the lengths the Sneeches did, although Tabbi's guest Emily put on a striped jacket later in the evening (but I think that was a coincidence due to the cold).

Anyway, it was a fun evening, and the food and conversation were delightful.

Just hoping I can get the invite for Lake Powell earlier next time, so I can make the trip and spend a whole week with the fun friends!

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