June 15, 2013

My First Golf Round in the 70s

It's been a while since I've had a big breakthrough in my golf scoring.

I broke 90 for the first time in May of last year, and there was much rejoicing.

Mostly it's been gradual improvement from regular low-90s to high-80s to mid-80s.
But finally I had a solid round with some great saves, and I scored in the 70s.

Nick, Dean, and I played Glendale, which is a fairly forgiving course, and Nick and I were battling the whole way, feeding off each other, and that was helpful. I don't know that we actually knew how well we were playing, until with a couple holes to go I looked at the scores and saw we could go lower than I ever have before.
Pretty stoked to both shoot in the 70s
Or maybe Nick knew, and he didn't want to stress/psych me out. Either way, that just left a few holes where I had it in my head and just had to hit my spots and roll some putts.

Fortunately, I was able to keep it together, and I finished with an ecstatic 77 (+5)!

Check out my first sub-80 card:

Those back-to-back birdies on 12 and 13 were pretty great. I hit in the fairway on both, missed the green, and then either chipped in from about 40 feet (on 12) or chipped to close and made the putt (on 13).

I almost had a miraculous birdie on 14 (for which Dean would have owed me lunch), but I missed the putt. Still happy with how I played that hole, too, and most of the other holes.

Nick was one stroke behind on the 18th tee, but he missed his tee shot right, into a bunker, and didn't have a look at the green from there. I hit the fairway, and then the green with my next, so that kinda iced it. He played a great round of 79, though, which was fun we both went sub-80 the same day.

What I'm most proud of is playing even-par on the back 9. Don't think I've ever done that before!
Oh, and I'm second-most proud of the lack of 2Bogey+ black squares on that card. Avoiding penalties truly is key to having any chance at being near par.

Hopefully I'll be posting another card on here soon where I go sub-70, though I'm sure it'll get progressively harder to go lower and lower, so don't how your breath for that post. hahaha

Hit 'em long and straight, friends!

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