June 25, 2013

Earth-Gazing Makes Me Want to Be an Astronaut

I gotta get to space.

I don't care that NASA isn't sending up more shuttles.
Maybe someday I can afford a private flight up to space so I can see this with my own eyes.

Remarkable view, isn't it?
My childhood desire to be an astronaut has been renewed by the video below.

Watch it full-screen HD, and be prepared for a state of awe and appreciation for our world and its beauty.

One of the astronauts used the term "poetic", which I think is perfect.
It's amazing to see our planet from space.
Definitely poetry-inspiring.

We're on this beautiful rock together.
We are all connected.

So is anybody willing to lend me $250K (US) for a seat on Virgin Galactic?
I'll even take the seat next to Justin Bieber if I have to.

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