May 15, 2013

End of One Road, Beginning of Another

Looks like both cases from my 'Accepting What You Can't Change' post are decided.

#2 wasn't really in doubt. I don't anticipate him seeking reconciliation, as that'd require him admitting fault.

But today I was informed that #1 will not happen either. No reconciliation to be had in the future.

Which means I'll be eating the rest of these Raspberry-flavored Milanos tonight, since I don't feel like going to buy a gallon of ice cream:

I hate knowing that we'll no longer be in each other's lives, but having finality is a good thing as it allows for leaving it to God and moving on.

"What the future holds, I don't know
Gotta stand up, dust myself off,
Just for now, it's the end of the road."
Here's to new beginnings on a new road.


  1. I'm sorry Aaron. It really stinks when things like that happen and friendships end. I think you've got a great perspective, though. I'll be praying for you!

    1. Thanks, Rachel. It definitely stinks, but I guess we live and learn as we go.