January 15, 2013

Tunes-Day Trio: Gritty Gals

As announced yesterday in my Metallica Monday post, this is a new music series I'm gonna do here.

Welcome to the first Tunes-day Trio!

Today I figured I'd start it off with three songs I've really been digging recently.

They've got some edge to them, maybe even more so for me, considering the first songs I ever heard from these three artists seemed to be in the soft & sappy genre.

"My Oh My" by Tristan Prettyman
The first song I heard from Tristan was "Love, Love, Love". Funny how the topic can be pretty similar, but the delivery makes such a huge difference in conveying the message.

"Happy Pills" by Norah Jones
Clearly, Norah's breakout song was "Come Away with Me". Or was it "Don't Know Why"? I'm not sure. Either way, she's made a lot of music since those two and her new album is a fun chance to see how much she has stretched herself since she hit the big-time.

"Raise Hell" by Brandi Carlile
Ok, so the first song I remember hearing from Brandi was "The Story", which does get a bit heavy musically at some points. But "Raise Hell" seems to take things another shade darker, in my opinion.

If it means a chance to keep exploring and remembering awesome songs like these every week and grouping them together for your enjoyment, I'm pretty excited about these Tunes-day Trio posts.

I've already got a bunch of ideas, but if you, my beloved readers, have any suggestions for a topic, that could be a fun challenge for me to explore and try to fit what you give me...

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