January 27, 2013

My Pot Doth Not Runneth Over

Moms like to drop wisdom on their children.
Especially on their sons.
Especially about cooking.

Due to snow conditions, I couldn't make it down to my parents' house for Sunday dinner.
Instead, I stayed home and made a little pasta.
I kept the water from boiling over by putting a wooden spoon across the top.

Which is a trick my mom taught/mentioned to me not too long ago.

See that? Sometimes we even listen to all that good parental advice.

Thanks again, Mom.


  1. This information would have been very useful for me yesterday. Not only did my pasta boil over, but later I boiled some more water and the tin foil under the burner caught on fire because of the food that had gathered there earlier... so, not my best cooking moment.

    The food was good, though!

    1. Yikes, sounds like a royal mess. Well now hopefully you can avoid those over-flowing pots :) Smart to have the tin foil beneath, though, for easier clean up. And at least the food was good!