December 3, 2012

Celebrating SLC Community Theater

The theater is a wonderful thing.

Whether it be a big production on Broadway in NYC, a traveling company at the Kennedy Center in DC, or a 4-person cast in Midvale, UT, there is great value to be gained from their work.

And as most people who've visited can attest, Utah has got more than its fair share of theater talent.

So I was excited to see two very different shows in the space of 3 days a little while back.

Hansel & Gretel
Maybe I didn't know beforehand that Draper Historic Theatre was doing this as an opera, but I'm still very happy we went to support Marissa in her final performance as a 12-year old boy (she convincingly played Hansel). She was hilarious, and the small troupe (6 main players, as I recall) had great voices and made it a very entertaining time.

The Marvelous Wonderettes
The South Valley Theater Association hosted a sort of 'community theater review' night where groups from around the Salt Lake valley shared a few songs each from their recent productions.

Many of the groups had very strong singers, and some fun choreography as well. If only these had been previews rather than post-views (is that a word?), because now I wish I could go see the full shows.

Perhaps I'm a bit biased, but my favorite was of course my sister's set of the Marvelous Wonderettes.
The energy, singing ability, and humor of these 4 ladies blew me away.
(read my sister's more in-depth blogpost here)

It'll be fun to find out what local theater production I see next. Any suggestions?

Note: this event was on October 17, 2012.

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  1. oooooo! I made the blog again!!!! I'm faaaammmoooooouuuus! Thanks for sharing all of these great moments with us, Aaron!