November 7, 2012

Decision 2012: Congratulations, President Obama

Congratulations on your re-election, President Obama!
You've gotta admit, that's a good-looking family

The voters have spoken, and, as Governor Romney asked in his concession speech, I hope we will all pray for our elected leader's success in improving our country. Democrats and Republicans are all Americans, so let's now work together and strengthen the USA over the next 4 years, instead of bickering and dividing ourselves further.
I'm very interested to see what Governor Romney will do now
PS: I made a little meme that I hope both sides can find amusing. Just kind of an awkward pic for the Obama camp to release, and deserving of meme-ing, isn't it?


  1. i love the meme. that made me giggle. i voted for obama again, so i'm really pleased with the turnout. i thought romney's concession speech was really gracious. i wish his plea for everyone to work together now would come to fruition. one can hope!!

    1. Yes, we can definitely hope. And I was quite proud of my meme. As soon as ABC News showed the picture yesterday, that's what popped into my head.

      I also had a more scandalous bottom line, but figured I'd keep it safe for everyone.