November 29, 2012

Another Tasty Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is a day to be extra-grateful for all that we have.

And what better way to spend it than with family.

For this holiday, I'll let the pictures do the talking for me.
Obligatory food picture
Spencer and Xan (the newest official member of the family)
Nibbling on the name holders
Glad to have you back from Germany for a few days
Megan and Zonks relaxing after the meal
Burning off some calories by running in circles on the trampoline
It was a beautiful form tackle by Zonks
Breezy rests on her favorite pillow: Zeus
Getting wild and crazy with an afternoon puzzle
Ok, with Thanksgiving now over, I guess it's acceptable for radio stations to play Christmas music...

Note: this event of course took place on Thanksgiving, Nov 22nd.

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