October 2, 2012

Das Ist Mein Oktoberfest

It's harvest season.

No, I don't have any crops to harvest, but I do like that this time of year brings Oktoberfest fun.

Snowbird puts on great festivities, including bands, dancing, side acts, and all sorts of activities for kids.

I saw Megan up there, too. She works for Snowbird, which means she and her co-workers deserve the credit for putting together the entire well-organized festival. Don't you love knowing important people?
Great job, Megan!

Plus, I was happy to get up into the mountains, where the air is clean and crisp.

The final two days of Snowbird's Oktoberfest 2012 are Oct 6-7 (this weekend), so get up there!


  1. Fun! I love Utah in the fall, kinda makes me miss it! Enjoy it Smyth

    1. Will do, and I hope the Fall in Washington state is comparably great for ya!