August 8, 2012

My "Go West, Young Man" "Chasing the Sun" Roadtrip

My cross-country drive didn't have the best beginning.

While finishing packing the car, I was taking the base off my TV so it'd fit easier into the car.
The wrench slipped, and I gashed my finger pretty good on the metal base.

It hurt like a bugger, and when I rinsed the blood away, I could see a little bit of bone. That's when I got light-headed and nauseous for a few moments, and decided I couldn't just treat this wound on my own. After getting my wits about me, I headed to the nearest urgent care center in Arlington.
Luckily, the cut was a clean one, and the doctor determined that butterfly bandages were sufficient, thus saving me from getting stitches.

I headed home, finished packing, ran a quick errand or two, surprised Emily at her work (her reaction was priceless), and hit the road for the ~36 hour journey from Washington, DC, to Salt Lake City, UT.

I'm not going to give a lot of commentary on the drive, because it was fairly uneventful.
Except for all the beautiful sights across this great country, of which I'll share a few examples.
Mindy Mazda looked good with three cars on her roof
The view when you're following Horace Greeley's advice to "Go West, young man"
and chasing the sun
America the Beautiful
I'd always wanted to see the Gateway Arch in St Louis, MO;
next time I want to go up inside it to the observation deck 
The view for more hours than I'd care to discuss
The highlight of Nebraska [read about it]
Breathtaking and inspirational
Don't think I'd ever seen such a small train out of the station
After driving for so long, I was very happy to arrive in the evening of my third travel day.

Feels great to be home in Utah!

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