August 31, 2012

Flashback Friday: Joe Montana and Jerry Rice

With this being the first week of the college football season, and the NFL regular season starting next week, I feel it appropriate to do a Friday Flashback dealing with football.

Football was a pretty big part of my childhood.

No, I didn't play organized leagues (my mom said I was too little, and she didn't want me to get broken; looking at my kiddo pictures, I think she was right), but my dad taught us the rules, took us to BYU and UofU games, and many Sundays were spent watching football after church.
My childhood front yard, aka my first football field
We played family football games in the front yard, where the walkway to the front door was a perfect 50-yard line and the distance felt like 100 yards on our stubby, little kid legs.

My dad was a San Francisco 49ers fan, so my brothers and I were 49ers fans.
And the stars of that time were none other than Joe Montana and Jerry Rice.
Ready to get down to the business of winning Super Bowls
When we played in the yard, it was always Joe Montana at quarterback and Jerry Rice at wide receiver.

I remember being so sad when Joe left for Kansas City (why, Joe? why?!) and later when Jerry headed across the SF Bay to the evil Raiders. Grr.

But at least between those two betrayals there was a period of Steve Young and Jerry Rice.
Just look how happy they are together!
Most football fans have a 'golden age' in their fandom, right? These years were definitely mine.

Thanks for the memories, Joe, Jerry, and Steve!

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